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A Day at St Stephen's

Every day is different at St Stephen's, however the timetable below will give an idea of life in school.


8.55 Everyone arrives at school, infants enter through the front gate and juniors enter through the back gate. KS2 children can bring bikes and scooters through the garden gate.


9.00 After register KS1 go to their phonics sessions in small groups and work on letters and sounds.  In KS2 all the children complete a section of I can maths and a spelling activity.


9.25 Most classes have an English lesson now. They might enjoy sharing a book, carrying out research, write a text or work on their grammar and punctuation skills.


10.45 Break time - the children play outside and have a snack, sometimes they get a few minutes extra help with an area they have been struggling with. All children have fruit at breaktime.


11.00 Most classes have a Maths lesson now. They might solve problems, learn a new maths strategy, play maths games or practise their mental maths.


12.00 KS1 go to lunch, while KS2 share a class novel together.


At the end of the morning session all KS2 children take part in the Daily Mile.


12.15 KS2 go to lunch. Over lunch there is time to eat and play. At 1 o'clock classes have an organised game or take part in a house competition. In KS2 from Tues-Fri there is an indoor club for crafts and games. Some children take part in extra activities such as computers or dance.


At the start of the afternoon session all Infant children take part in the Daily Mile.


1.15 Afternoon lessons. We have lots of different lessons in the afternoon. Children might take part in sport, dance or gymnastics. They might carry out a science investigation, build a model, learn to draw or paint, use computers, play an instrument, learn about other places or the past, sew, cook or carry out some research, or  go outdoors to learn in the local environment.


Everyday we have an act of collective worship, we might sing worship songs, discuss important world issues, explore a Bible story or think about our value. Sometimes we meet in classes or key stages, other times we all meet together. On Wednesday we go over to church for a service.


3.15 This is hometime, but many children stay on for after school clubs, such as Ju Jitsu, multi-sports, Spanish, choir, computing, film club or football.


On Wednesdays the music team work with Year 4 as they learn to play a brass instrument.  On Tuesdays KS2 have Spanish and sports. On Thursdays KS1 have sports. Sometimes visitors come to work with us in school on different topics and sometimes we go out to visit other places to learn.