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Compassion UK works with children living in poverty across the world. It is a child sponsorship organisation which places children in a church based project so that they can have love, support and their basic needs met. Each child is provided with health care, education, Bible teaching, sports, counselling, social activities and support for their parent/carer. 

Here is a video about their work:

It Begins With You

At St Stephen's we sponsor two children, one for each Key Stage.

Juan is 7 and lives in the Chiapas rainforest in Mexico. He loves football and his ambition is to be an engineer in the future.

Mahtanil yu'un Dios Student Centre  provide Juan with Bible classes, health screenings, hygiene and health education, community service opportunities, field trips, school supplies, homework supervision and academic reinforcement. The center staff  also provide meetings for Juan's parents.

Peris is 4 years old and lives just outside Nairobi city in Kenya. She enjoys playing with her friends and going to Sunday School. 

The Kiserian Child Development centre provides Peris with Bible teaching, a safe place to play and toys to share, uniform and extra tuition, clean water, health check ups and extra food. They also work with her parents providing health classes and vocational training.

Letters from Juan and Peris' pastors

Peris's community and project

Miss Ormerod's visit to Kenya with Compassion