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Parent Questionnaire November 2016

Thank you to all the parents who completed the questionnaires at Parents Evening at the beginning of November. Here you can see the results. More information will follow as we discuss and consult on some of the areas raised.

Jan 2016 Survey 

We asked our children about their experience of school and what we can do to make their experience better. Here are the results which are very positive:

We want to make improvements so that 100% of our children enjoy school. (Currently 98%)

As a small number of children didn’t feel safe in school and didn’t know where to go for help, we are going to ask each class teacher to find out what is worrying pupils and make sure they know where to get the help they need.

A small number of children didn’t feel the child in their class behave well and some others felt it wasn’t all the time, therefore we will be running some assemblies on everyone taking responsibility to behave the best they can.

The children said that the best things about St Stephen’s are:

We are good friends                           Trips

The activities are fun                         The lessons

We have lots of opportunities             Music and singing

The after school clubs                        The school garden

Outdoor learning                                Assemblies

Children are kept safe                        Taking part in lots of sports

It is very caring                                 Sharon’s dinners

People are kind                                   Learning new things all the time


Overwhelming children wrote about how their teachers and staff helped and cared for them.


Some things the children would like improved:

Playground markings

More climbing frames

Playground equipment

Less litter

Everyone to behave their best and be respectful

More science and technology

New classrooms/ building

Older children help the younger ones at playtime


We’ve discussed how to follow up some of these improvements.

Mr Puckey has met with a playground designer to put new markings on both playgrounds.

FASS are applying for a grant for a new infant climbing frame.

Lunchtime staff will look at purchasing new equipment and staff will talk to children about looking after it.

Eco warriors will meet to deal with the litter issues.

Mrs Lowe will look at some science and technology workshops for those children who enjoy these subjects (our curriculum already has a lot planned in).

We can’t afford a new building, but the Headteacher and the Governors have a rolling programme of refurbishments – Y6 and Y4 have already been completed, Reception class will be completed this term and there are future plans for the other classes.

Mr Puckey will work with Bedford High School to train play leaders.