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Welcome to this week's Collective Worship

Leader: May the Lord be with you

Response: And also with you

Leader: Jesus Christ is the light of the world

Response: The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.


This week's theme is about Resilience. Resilience means to recover quickly from difficulties or toughness.


This week has been National School Sport Week at home. This made me think of how much resilience is needed whilst playing sports. If we want to improve in any sport we need to recover quickly from the difficulties we face and to try again. It takes practice and perseverance to get the ball into the hoop or to knock seconds of a timed run.

How did you get on this week with your sports challenges? Were there times you found it tough to keep going? How did you respond?

Here is a picture of part of an obstacle race taking place in school one day last week.

Well done to everybody who kept going even though you found it tough.

Click on the files below to access the Worship 2 go resource and have fun together at home.

Our God is a Great Big God

Kyan and Ava's shield