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Yesterday, we came up with some expanded noun phrases about our wonderful school community!! Here were my examples:

Hopefully you came up with some wonderful ideas yesterday! Now, let's see if we can put these into lines for our poem. 

When doing this, please keep in mind that we will be trying to make our poem rhyme, just like in the poem 'All Are Welcome'. For example:

Try to make sure that the last word is one that is easy to rhyme other words with!! 


Here is my example based on my expanded noun phrases:

Because 'faces' is the last word in the line, this is the word that will rhyme with the others! You can use the following website to help you find lots of rhymes if you struggle!

I typed in my word 'faces', and here are my results:

I like the word 'laces'. So now, I am thinking of a line that will end with 'laces'. See below!

Today, spend some time coming up with great lines that you might decide to use for your poem! Start with your expanded noun phrases, and then use the rhyme generator to help you!


I can't wait to read what you come up with!!!