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Mystery eggs

Much excitement in Year 2 today! They have been looking after eggs and today they hatched. The mystery creature escaped and is somewhere in school. I hope they will keep us updated on what has happened.

Their work has even come to the attention of the RSPB, here is an email from them:
Hello Mrs Deakin

My name is Jayne and I work for the RSPB. We have heard about the mysterious eggs you have found and are looking after. From the pictures we have seen, they look like Phoenix eggs. Thank you for looking after them and please keep us updated on how they are doing and let me know when they hatch! And don’t forget, if you see any eggs in a nest while you’re out and about, please leave them there, as they will hatch into beautiful baby birds and have adventure of their own J

Jayne Rigby 
Membership Development Officer, Cheshire & Merseyside