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Update 28.5.21

Today is the final day of a busy half-term. Thank you so much to everyone for their support and hard work. I've added a few photographs from this week. Year 2 had a lovely day on Wednesday on their Kenya day. They started their day with a cup of tea and a fruit kebab. They listened to African music, tasted African doughnuts and bread and produced lots of African art. They all looked great in their t-shirts. Thank you to everyone for joining in with our Summer-themed day today, and special thanks to Sharon and Johanne for our lunches.
Things will remain the same when we return to school on Monday 7th June, with the staggered times for the class bubbles. The latest risk assessment has been uploaded to the website for your information.
We all hope you have a lovely break, and we will see you on June 7th.