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Weekly Update

We are now well on the way recognising and celebrating the 50th birthday of the school building. Mrs Poole and her team are busy planning all sorts of things, including a competition to design a logo for our 50th birthday. We have a facebook page, collecting photos and memories from the last 50 years. On Wednesday 11th July we will have spent 50 days recognising our birthday and Bishop Mark will be joining us for the morning. This week Y1 went to Stockley Farm. Mrs Poole was so proud of the children and they all had a great day. Thank you to everyone for their support around school yesterday- in particular the members of the Men's Group from Church- as school remained open for the local elections. All children on sandwiches have brought home a letter about the special lunches Sharon is preparing throughout our celebrations. Please return any orders with the money on Tuesday 8th May, if you have not already done so.  The children who usually have dinners will be having the special lunches too. Can I please remind all parents to park considerately around school and NOT park on the zig zag lines outside school. Thank you. Have a lovely Bank Holiday week-end.