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Our RE topic this half term is: 'Jesus, Friend to Everyone'. 


We are focusing on a new Bible story this week: Blind Bartimaeus


Watch the video below to learn about this!

Superbook Video Clip - Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus

Now, discuss the following questions with an adult at home:


  • Everyday people walked passed and ignored him. On that day, Jesus took notice. Jesus saw him, listened and helped. Why?
  • How do you think Bartimaeus felt when Jesus spoke to him?
  • If this happened today, this would be a breaking news story! What do you think the headline would be?

For today's task, you have 2 different options! 


You can log onto PurpleMash and re-tell the story by drawing and typing (a 2do has been set)




You could print/draw the following template and create your own Blind Bartimaeus craft!

Jesus Heals the Blind Man Craft