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Music Lead: Miss Quinn 

Music is an important part of our curriculum and is enjoyed by all our classes; whether this is singing during our worship time, enjoying our music lessons, or being taught by specialist teachers! 

In our classes we have a weekly music lesson, we use Charanga to guide us through our lessons. Each term takes a new focus and often a new genre of music. 


Through Charanga, we learn to 'listen and appraise' songs, understanding genres of music and being able to identify instruments. Each unit we learn a new song, often singing or using instruments to help us.



At St Stephen's, we also enjoying performing our music throughout the year, to a range of audiences. 


Unfortunately over the past 2 academic years, our performances have been affected by the COVID restrictions, we are hoping as we move into a safer time we will be able to begin our live performances again. 


In a normal school year, we enjoy:


- Y3 performing with Bedford High school in their School production

- Individual musicians performing at the Christmas Fayre

- KS2 singers at the school Christmas Fayre

- KS2 singers at Damn House for our community

- KS2 Performing Arts Show 

- KS1 and KS2 singing club at the Spring Fayre

- Brass Concerts by our Year 4 

- ATHOS Music Festival 

- Year 6 School play 


We wonder how many performances we can take part in this year...

Pre COVID Performances...

“How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations?” ― Jane Swan